Flash is very simple to use and right now allows using into two modes,
configurable delay and configurable delay and URL

If only delay parameter is passed on, Flash responds with a sample JSON response after the delay time period has elapsed. You can pass a time duration (in milliseconds) or pass 'random' for a random delay.
Expected Value Sample URL Result
Any integer value in millisecs. /delay/4000 Response from server after delay of passed-in time.
'random' as value. /delay/random Response from server after random delay between 0 and 10s(10,000ms).
You can get a delayed response from a specific API endpoint by passing an URL parameter to Flash. Along with the URL, you can still pass on a delay parameter with either of the configurations (integer or 'random') metioned earlier.
Expected Value Sample URL Result
A valid API endpoint or website address. /delay/4000/url/ Response from given URL after delay of passed-in time.

About Flash and Shout-outs

Flash is a tiny app whose goal is to make you write lesser lines of code while mocking a slow API response. It is built on NodeJS with Express Framework.

Also Flash is completely free, unlike the server costs. So you can here.

Shout-out to @hyper_yolo and @codrops for this template. Cheers to @_tink3r for suggesting this amazing character from Zootopia (Flash ) for this project.